Acne And Your Skin Type

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Where acne is concerned, there is no skin type that is superior. This is why no matter how precious you might consider your skin; acne can take over without any warnings especially if you do not keep your skin very clean. The treatment alternatives for acne vary from one person to the other. This is why you will hear some great testimonies about people using a specific treatment and having it work for them but it not working with other people. This is why everyone needs to know the type of skin they have so that, they can be able to find the right type of acne treatment with ease. If you know very well the type of skin you have, you will always know what to do to protect it from acne and also how to make sure it does not get damaged with the products you buy.

Determining your skin type does not cost anything. In fact, you can check and determine the type of skin you have from the comfort of your home. Whenever you wake up in the morning from bed, take a tissue paper or handkerchief and wipe your face with it. When you do that, check the T-zone to see if there are any oily traces there. If there are, then you have an oily skin but if there are not then, you have dry skin. However; if the oil is at the half of the tissue paper but not at the other half, it means you have a combined skin type.

The normal type of skin is very healthy and looks clean at all times. It is very well smoothened and also hydrated every time. With the normal skin type, there is no way you can find or see blood pores or vessels. With this type of skin, pimples show at random and you will notice that, your menstruation will mostly come after or when you are about to have your menstrual cycle – for women. Just like the many other types of skin, your normal skin needs to be taken very good care of and also make sure all creams you use for your normal face has UV filters.

This helps to safeguard the skin from any effects of harsh sunlight. Make use of water and baby lotions to clean your face two times every day. Also, regular facial massages help. Doing all this will make sure you have nothing to do with acne and its related skin issues.

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